2017 Chicago Farmers Market Tour

If you want to see us play this Summer/Fall, hopefully you love farmers markets as much as we do! We’ll be playing for FREE at all of these Chicagoland gems. In addition to getting to see us play, you’ll be able to shop from all the awesomely fresh vendors.

05/28 (Sun) – Logan Square Farmers Market, 10am–12:30pm
06/03 (Sat) – Green City Market: West Loop, 9am–12pm
07/16 (Sun) – Sunday City Market Bridgeport, 10am–12pm
08/06 (Sun) – Logan Square Farmers Market, 10am–12:30pm
10/21 (Sat) – Green City Market: Lincoln Park, 9am–12pm
10/28 (Sat) – Wicker Park Farmers Market, 10am–1pm

Not sure what to get? Use the seasonality chart provided by the City of Chicago to find out when your favorite fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready to eat!


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